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Host unique events. We are experts in devising inspiring speaker and activity events in the UK and overseas.

We can create these for you with top speakers and event leaders. We have already done so for Borders bookshops, the Adventure Travel Show, Steppes Travel and Wanderlust magazine.

We can tailor-make for your business –

  • For customers: events based around inspiring speakers or engaging activities. These can be themed to suit your brand. As well as generating revenue, they are excellent for relationship marketing, and allow you to meet your customers in an ideal atmosphere.

  • For staff: staff weekends, special events for motivational purposes, or events for your internal communications programme.

Meeting your needs

Our own-brand events are based on training in travel photography or travel writing, but we are very flexible: you can adapt ours, or choose themes of your own. We can supply an entire event, or the 'activity' component, or inspiring speakers to fit into your own event.

Whatever you choose, we will create a unique and memorable event.

We can also provide holidays to sell to customers, and staff training.

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For Steppes Travel we turned the staff weekend into a photo trip to Seville – great for staff relations and valuable for generating their own brochure photography. Read client history.


For Wanderlust magazine we have supplied customer weekends in Marrakech and Istanbul, offering a unique way to meet and relate to customers. Read client history.