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"A brilliant course. Your tutors were superb and really knew their stuff."
– Margaret

What can we offer? 

People sometimes ask – 'Can you really teach writing or photography?' – and the answer is a definite yes.

Genius cannot be taught. But talent can be nurtured. Creative issues can be explained. Personal paths can be explored. Careers can be built.

Over the years we have seen our students take real leaps in their understanding and abilities, open doors they did not know existed, even change their jobs and lives.

Although you are only with us for a few days, the course experience is so intense, the expert input so illuminating, and the content so carefully structured, that the results can be substantial. As one student said afterwards, 'You gave me the tools to do something I was happy with.'

How do we achieve this?

Our guiding principles are excellence and encouragement. That means we select the finest practitioners as tutors, offer carefully structured training experiences, and aim to bring out the very best in our students.

Our range of courses has been designed to assist various levels and aspirations, from absolute beginners to those ready and eager for publication. Many courses also work for those who want to improve their creative work solely for pleasure.

We can cater for this wide range because we keep group sizes small, offer one-to-one sessions wherever possible, and because the expert knowledge that we offer is usually new and challenging for everyone.

We believe in learning through doing, so each course involves practical hands-on work by you. This is supported by technical input and sympathetic feedback, so you really are helped to learn and grow.

Alongside practical skills, we aim to impart the commercial understanding and attitudes required to succeed in the marketplace. For those who want to get published, this inside information and personalised advice is invaluable. As one student remarked, 'It's the kind of conversation with an editor that you never usually get.'

A key aspect of our courses is the group atmosphere that we create – of challenge, comradeship and creativity. Students often comment on how much they enjoy this ethos, and how they have gained personal and career insights – over and above the course content itself. And many stay friends long after a course ends.

What's it like on our courses?