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Our new personal service allows you to learn at your own pace in your own time. We offer the following options:

One-to-one training

Spend time with a top professional, enjoying their total focus on what you want to learn, for a day or half day tailor-made to your needs. This personalised service is open to everyone, and can be delivered wherever you are in the UK. Prices start at £500 for a day’s one-to-one training – and it makes a great gift, too! Simply email us to discuss your personal requirements.

“The session was superb because you specifically addressed the areas we wanted and you could discuss some of our recent work, you gave concrete examples from top authors, your tone and attitude were uniformly positive, you boiled the concepts down into memorable points, and we even got to do something hands on." – Russ

Online critique service

Get a professional assessment of your travel writing or photography by one of our experts, whenever you want it. This is an invaluable opportunity to get that hard-to-find assessment of how good your current work is, and how you could improve it.

These expert critiques provide detailed written comment on the work you show us. In addition, the writing critiques pay particular attention to the development of your own voice as a writer, while the photo critiques give portfolio-building advice on which pictures begin to work together to form a personal portfolio.

This easy-to-use service is exclusive to our past students or those booking their first course with us. Once you have booked and emailed us your work, our tutors will return a detailed written critique within two weeks:

  • Past students: please book the 'Online Critique’ that you want, at right. We will then email you the relevant instructions.

  • New students: your critique will be done after you have attended your course, and we will give you instructions on what to do then. For the moment, all you need to do is to book the service, either here or on your course page.

“Really invaluable to get a personal comment on my work - lots to take on board!” – Jeff

Online academy

Due to popular demand we are developing a wide-ranging online academy for everyone to improve their travel writing and photography, wherever they are in the world. If this would interest you, and you'd like advance enrolment benefits, please email us using the subject heading 'Online academy', and tell us what you'd like the academy to do for you.

Please email us to discuss your personal requirements.


Critique instructions will be emailed to you after booking.


Critique instructions will be emailed to you after booking.

Comment service tutors
  • Lead writing tutor: Kate Simon, travel editor of the Independent On Sunday.
  • Lead photo tutor: Steve Watkins, editor of Outdoor Photography magazine.
  • Other tutors allocated as appropriate to your work.

  • Online critiques: available only to our past students or those booking a course with us.
  • One-to-one training: available to everyone.

Learning level
  • Suitable for all levels.

Booking notes